Bài báo về "Dịch vụ quản lý thể thao: Khía cạnh của chất lượng"


Vicente Romo Pérez1 , J. L. Chinchilla Minguet2, Manuel García Freire1 1Universidad de Vigo, Spain. 2Universidad de Málaga, Spain.

Received: 20 November 2009; received in revised form: 3 February 2010; accepted: 10 February 2010


The aim of this paper is to analyze the dimensions of the service quality. Recently, the sports management service focuses on the client. Therefore, this not only includes the quality in the process, but also the consumer’s perception of the product. It seems clear the variety of theories based on the paradigm from which measure the approach to service quality. Despite the SERVQUAL has been the main reference for many studies is not enough to measure the quality of sports services. Many authors have sought to measure the quality of service although it appears that base it on the perception of clients was insufficient. On the other hand there are systems of quality management. The most used are the ISO and the EFQM model, although it seemed too rigid and inflexible. It suggests the need to assess the quality of sports services, implementing the dimensions of quality principles externally or internally.

Key words: service quality sports, quality management, EFQM, SERVQUAL, ISO

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